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Need a six months vacation... twice a year? don’t we all.
Jokes aside, a wise person travels to discover himself. Therefore we invite you to take a trip with us and taste a couple of our favorite experiences around the globe (In liquid form). Enjoy the ride.

Those who achieve The Grand Tour (All 14 destinations) are in for a treat, a special badge to celebrate their experience.


Tel Aviv IL › Chicago IL (US)

The ultimate strawberry milkshake, creamy and fruity, a symbol of the American culture, like Route 66, Tarantino movies and cocktails. Herradura Anejo tequila, Pere Magloire apple brandy, almond milk and strawberries


Velvety · Fruity · Nutty

Number 3 Japan.png


Tel Aviv IL › Kyoto JP

A moment of peace and quiet as you stray in
thought amidst green forests and bubbling warm baths, refreshing yet complex and leaves you lingering. El Jimador blanco tequila, Japanese plum liqueur, chamomile, yuzu, sage and Bancha Hojicha tea.


Refreshing · Herbaceous · Citrusy

Number 5 Indonesia.png


Tel Aviv IL › Raja Ampat ID

A Caribbean spell, with the salty air of the
perfect beaches and the refreshing green of
the flora, tropical and fruity. Grey Goose
Vodka, Bols Genever, a touch of Absinthe,
coconut water and papaya spiced with chili
and pineapple.


Refreshing · Fruity · Tropical

Number 7 Italy.png


Tel Aviv IL › Venice IT

If the sensation of rainbow colors and Venetian masks in a carnival would take a liquid form, this bitter, sparkling and fruity drink would be its essence. Martini Bitter, Martini Fiero vermouth, Tangerine sorbet and French apple sidre.


Sparkling · Citrusy · Bitter

Number 9 South Korea.png


Tel Aviv IL › Seoul KR

A culinary tour is the adventure of the palate, filled with steaming pots, open fires and alluring new flavors , like spicy, smoky and umami. Grey Goose vodka, Laphroaig single malt, red bell pepper puree and Korean umami paste mix.


Piquant · Smoky · Umami

Number 11 Portugal.png


Tel Aviv IL › Madeira PT

Stopping at every winery, perfumed with liquor at all times, it’s a taste of the good life, lighthearted yet complex. Rainwater Madeira, vintage port wine, Noilly Prat ambre vermouth.


Light · Elegant · Nutty

Number 13 Germany.png


Tel Aviv IL › Baden-Baden DE

A forest so thick the light does not shine through the leaves and an eternal dark bliss hints of bitter, refreshing spiciness. Gin Mare, Suze bitter liqueur, olive oil, fresh celery and green chili.


Refreshing · Piquant · Bitter

Number 2 Italy.png


Tel Aviv IL › Rome IT

Never underestimate the value of doing nothing, it is the Picnic state of mind, the tranquility that only comes when snacks, drinks and leisure come together. Pere Magloire apple brandy, pisco Capel, fresh lime and peach jam.


Refreshing · Fruity · Velvety

Number 4 Wakanda.png


Tel Aviv IL › Wakanda ZA

A fruity and spicy adventure ripe with the
dangers of unexplored flavors, it is a reminder
of the exotic secrets of Africa, the most tribal
of continents. Turmeric infused Agricole
rhum, fresh lime, orange, banana and organic
cane sugar.


Rich · Aromatic · Fruity

Number 6 Russia.png


Tel Aviv IL › Moscow RU

Where everything is brass and gold and a shining diamond of a cocktail is served, spirituous, complex and very elegant. Pere Magloire VS apple brandy (or Pere Magloire XO or Camut Reserve de Semainville), Amaro Montenegro, Cocchi Americano vermouth, Palo Cortado Sherry.


Spirituous · Elegant · Fruity

Number 8 Bora Bora.png


Tel Aviv IL › Bora Bora FP

Carbonated, refreshing, spiced and clear – like the water East of Eden, a destination for all diving lovers almost too beautiful to be real. Bombay Sapphire gin, Fino sherry, fresh apple juice and bay leaf & white pepper cordial.


Sparkling · Refreshing · Herbaceous

Number 10 Switzerland.png


Tel Aviv IL › Geneva CH

When it’s winter and snowing outside, all you need is a crackling fireplace and the right drink at hand. creamy rich, fruity and nutty. Courvoisier VS cognac, Boukha Bokobza fig
spirit, burnt cherry cordial and hazelnuts.


Nutty · Fruity · Velvety

Number 12 France.png


Tel Aviv IL › Provence FR

You can spend your life looking for the perfect blossom, and it would not be a wasted one. Floral, light and refreshing. Gin Mare, Noilly Prat ambre vermouth, tonic water, rosewater, cucumber water and rhubarb cordial.


Sparkling · Refreshing · Floral

Number 14 India.png


Tel Aviv IL › Dharamshala IN

A journey within, to discover new truths about yourself is an adventure that happens all in your mind, complex, spicy and spirituous. Banana and Pineapple infused Agricole rums, amaro Montenegro and sliver needles tea cordial.


Spirituous · Aromatic · Fruity

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